Living Like A Harley…Loud…Unique…& Powerful

This past weekend, we were blessed to have Pastor Phil Dooley, Youth Pastor at Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia, here at C3. We had an amazing worship experience… check out the podcast… I laughed from the gut (all four services), and God’s power was displayed as numerous people asked God to come into their lives. It was cool when W.N. rode in his pimped out Harley. U D’MAN!!

On Saturday night, Phil and I went to the Harley store and checked out some amazing hogs…Harleymatt
(Phil’s tempting me to get a Harley like he has)

I am not sure that Martha will approve. What do you think? Should a pastor ride a Harley?

  • only if he can find one to buy, borrow, lease, test drive, mooch, or rent.
    just be careful…..
    honestly, if a pastor’s gonna ride, i think there is a certain obligation for it to be a harley that he rides. not sre why… i just feel it.
    but seriously – please be careful. ben rothlesbergerls story is a “whew” i’d hate to see you have to go through.

  • Caroline

    I would love it if you got a Harley Dad! Then we could ride together. Love you!

  • Chris

    If you get a Harley then I think we’ll need to do it together!!! You look good on that hog!

  • melissa

    a harley would bump your coolness factor through the roof! plus, we would all get to say, “my pastor rides a harley.” but if you do get one, i think you need to wear a black leather vest with a huge cross emblazoned on the back.
    phil looks really happy in that picture…
    be blessed!