Staff Talk – Living and Leading By Priorities

This week at our staff meeting we talked about priorities from Matthew 15 and Joshua 1.

PRIORITIES ARE DRIVEN BY VISION - We have one vision. Real Hope, Real People, Real World.

        Expose – the gospel in a relevant way to hurting people.

        Equip – help our people grow in their relationship with Jesus

        Experience – Every Christian is a minister and has the opportunity

        to serve using their gifts and talents.

And anything outside of that is optional! OPTIONAL! It’s not the main thing.  We’ve got to keep the main thing the main thing or the little things will choke the life out of the church and the staff!

I grew up in a church where every week we had Sunday School,  Morning worship, Sunday afternoon youth choir, Sunday afternoon Church Training, Sunday night church, Monday night outreach, Wed night Bible Study, week long revival services. The average church in America has 100 people. Only 2% of churches have more than 1,000 people in attendance.

My concern is that we get away from the main thing.  Don’t buy into the lie that if we address more needs with more programs and more ministries than we will be more effective.  NOT TRUE!

  1. Less is more!
  2. Less is more Effective,
  3. Less is more Productive,
  4. Less is more Enjoyable!

PRIORITIES ARE GUIDED BY VALUES - What are the values of C3?

  • We are a Holy Spirit led Church
  • We Take Bold Steps of Faith as God leads Us
  • We do ministry with Excellence
  • Leaning Forward with Passion for God
  • Above and Beyond Church – generosity
  • All people matter to God
  • Focused on Reaching The Unchurched in a Relevant Way
  • Generational church and want to impact future generations.
  • Passionate church and we love to Worship God!
  • Culture of Honor – our Leaders and Each Other.
  • We are a Simple Church and we do a few things well.

Assess – Assess your situation.  Don’t bury your head in the sand! If it’s not broke break it. In other words if you feel like you’ve gotten into a rut or are coasting try something new.

Assess your leaders, assess your programming, assess your facility, assess your culture, assess your first impressions.

Address – this is where you have to address people that have gotten off track. Address programs that are dying. This is where you might have to have a tough conversation and risk someone not being your friend any more or being upset with you.  This can only be done by STRONG leaders.

Progress – You rally the troops, You promote, promote, promote. You move forward with the power of God and you begin to see miracles and people getting saved.  It might get tough but hang in there it’s a NEW DAY!

PRIORITIES ARE LIVED OUT BY STRONG LEADERS - God is calling leaders to be strong.  To be bold and live out their calling.  In fact if you aren’t living out your calling and it’s just become a job where you clock in and clock out it would be better for you to do something different because you are robbing someone else of impacting the kingdom.

Joshua 1:1-10

So here’s your assignment:

Assess, Address And Progress!  Our greatest days are ahead!

For the full message from our staff meeting click here.