Liberty and Church Planting

What a great week it’€™s been here at Liberty University. Kicked it off Tuesday night by attending the Lady Flames basketball game against High Point. We watched Liberty easily defeat High Point 76-57 in the Vines Center (known as The Furnace). Cool name for a Christian university arena. It was cool to have some of the C3 staff with me and 2 of my children.
After the game they got to meet the Frazee triplets. All three are starters on the Liberty team. Check out Caleb’s red hair.
Wednesday morning I had the privilege of speaking to approx. 10,000 university students, pastors, and church planting leaders. I shared with them how they can experience the impossible in their life and see the vision of planting churches all over the U.S. What a powerful and humbling experience. This is the first-ever Church Planting Week at Liberty, and there is an amazing passion and excitement to reach lost and hurting people through church planting.
Wednesday night I attended the service at Thomas Road Baptist Church and the worship was rocking. Fog machines filled the worship center as the campus band led a powerful time of worship. Then Ed Stetzer from Lifeway shared from 2 Corinthians 5:16-21 how

We need to have a new perspective, We are sent on a mission of reconciliation, and how We are representing Jesus and His kingdom.

It is a powerful challenge to consider stepping out and planting a church in the US or around the world. One thing that he shared that really hit me was that often as Christians, we look different from the world but act the same as the world… He challenged us to look more like the world but live different. If we do that, we can change the world and our culture. Powerful stuff. I am more excited than ever about all that God is going to do as we network together strategically to make a difference for His kingdom. More to come later including audio and video.

(With Billy Hornsby and Dr. Elmer Towns in the green room before speaking at Liberty University.)

  • Billy Hornsby

    Matt, excellent job at Liberty University this week. It was great to see you at your Alma Mater and to meet your many friends. It was an honor to be with you. Billy Hornsby

  • pipes

    Hey Pastor,
    Glad you had an awesome time speaking and hanging out at Liberty. Love the orange shirt! When are you planning on wearing that at C3? 🙂
    Have a safe trip home!

  • Dan

    Pastor Matt,
    You did a great job relating to the now generation of young men and women. I want to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to experience all that God is doing at Liberty.

  • “Jesus is WHAT??”
    -danny lovett =)
    i’m sure you did a great job speaking at LU. hope you grabbed some java from the famous Drowsy Poet! blessings on all of you and all that God is doing thru you!

  • Al Ballard

    Even though I like to pull for the underdog(Giants) This Patriot team may the best ever. The Patriots basically healthy and the Giants a bit banged up I think it might end up being something like 28 – 17 Patriots, although the Giants have had a very good defense throughout the playoffs. We’ll see. 2, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate -C3 – C3 – C3!!!!!!!!!!!!!Raaaaaa!