Free Gift Card

Okay sports fans… there are MANY of you who are ringing in on the outcome of tomorrow’s big game.

So, let’s make this interesting. The person who leaves a comment PRIOR to kickoff…with the winning team AND the correct score….will receive a $25 gift card to their favorite store.

Remember…it must be both the winning team AND the correct score.

  • Duane

    Even though I hate to do this…. I’ll go with the Pats 34-17 over the Giants. Can’t wait for Johnny and Daniel tomorrow. I’ve been a Pack fan for many years and have listened to Johnny Evans many Saturdays. More importantly I’m a huge fan of JESUS!!!

  • pipes

    Ok…first let me say…the Super Bowl for me is always about the chips, dip and commercials…so I could care less about who wins, but I predict that the Patriots will win 28-17 over the Giants and have a perfect season.

  • Pats: 38
    Giants: 10

  • Keith Cowell

    Pats 42
    Giants 10

  • sheila cowell

    Can’t root for a quarterback who refuses to play in san diego…even if that means i have to pull for the patriots!
    patriots 38
    giants 3

  • Benjamin Canady

    Okay….so….I won’t cheapen myself for $25. Go Giants (don’t really like NYG, but I do dislike the Pats with a passion).
    NYG 21 vs. Pats 14

  • Kristina Harrell

    Don’t know much about football but I like to root for the underdog.
    NYG 24
    Pats 21
    I’m hoping for a game that’s worth watching.
    Steven’s guess is Pats 31 & NYG 20

  • Rod Gray

    Patriots 120
    Giants 2
    Just kidding!
    Patriots 35
    Giants 13

  • Dan

    38-17 The Patriots over the Giants

  • Jim Davis

    Hoping for:
    Giants 32
    Pats 29
    The underdog pulls off a last second field goal.

  • Chad

    Patriots 34
    Giants 24

  • Gwen Wall

    I really don’t care who wins since my Philly Eagles are not playing! But I will play along for fun!
    PATS: 35
    GIANTS: 17

  • Darrell Reagan

    My wife is from NY I have to pull for the Giants!!

  • Mike Day

    What an awesome Sunday with Johnny and Daniel, and I’m a Tar Heel fan! My guess will be…
    Patriots 45
    Giants 31

  • Pat M

    Football or HGTV? mmmmm-okay I’ll watch the comercials and half time stuff.

  • paul mason

    Patriots 27
    Giants 17

  • debbie henderson

    Patriots 31
    Giants 10

  • Scott Randlett

    Can both teams lose? Seriously!
    NYG — 31
    Patriots — 27
    Eli will be an imitation of Peyton today.

  • OK.. time to give my prediction…
    Patriots 28
    Giants 20
    but i want the Giants to win!

  • Don Benson

    My pick is:

  • Shannon Burns


  • Bruce

    Sunday was awesome. What a great testimony by the Evans family. They are excellent role models and examples of how to handle the spotlight, success, and how to bring glory to God. Thanks for bringing them to us. Have a great week!