Ministry can be difficult! In talking with pastors and church planters I’ve discovered that many are hurting or lonely and have few or no one to talk to. Their spouses can even be more lonely and sometimes discouraged. Just because everything looks good on the outside doesn’t mean that we are experiencing personal health.

As I result, I am pumped to share with you that Martha and I are launching The Get Real Network. After 15 years as a pastor and church planter and almost 29 years in ministry, we want to help other pastors & church leaders.

The Get Real Exchanges are a leadership series of inspirational teachings and discussions. We gather relationally with pastors, leaders and churches to address real issues that we are facing today.

I would love to invite you and your team to one of our upcoming 2014 Get Real Network Exchanges!  We have an exchange coming up in just a few weeks!  

Sign up today at:
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February 20
with guest Pastor Dino Rizzo
May 1
with guest Zach Norman
November 21
with guest Dr. Sam Chand
Please contact Paulla Dornheim at Paulla@C3Church.com for more information and pricing.  Church Planters are eligible for a special Church Planter Discount!