Let the Revolution Begin…

We just wrapped up our Revolution Weekend for students and it was amazing!…. We had about 250 students and adults involved from Friday through Sunday night. They stayed in 13 different homes and YouthQuest from Liberty University led Bible studies, we had three big rallies with the YouthQuest band and drama team, and a crazy video scavenger hunt.

Sunday morning, our Minister of Students Scott Randlett spoke on “Let The Revolution Begin”… He shared that a revolution is marked by a sudden and complete change that impacts the lives of others. It was hilarious and powerful and there were hundreds that committed their lives to being a part of a revolution of God’s love… You can listen to the podcast or vodcast on Monday. Martha and I had the privilege of hosting 22 6th grade girls in our home! That’s right… 22! It was Martha’s idea. I wanted to host 12th grade guys! We didn’t get much sleep, but we had a blast.. Middle School girls rock! I love the next generation… We went out to eat Mexican food on Sunday and here’s what I look like after Revolution Weekend…
Revolution concluded Sunday night with Chris Pope from L.U. sharing how he was abused as a child by his step-father, how he was saved and then years later his step-father became a Christian. Chris is completing seminary and has plans to plant a church in N.Y. I want to thank Scott and Tammy Randlett, Cory and Krystal Bolduc, the host parents, and the entire student ministry team for all of their hard work! Let the revolution begin!

(Scott Randlett and Rich Brown from Liberty University)

(6th graders rock!)

  • Gloria

    LOL I look sooo weird!!

  • Layla

    OMG the revolution ROCKED!!!

  • Scott Randlett

    Revolution was amazing! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to invest into the lives of our students and allowing them to have a role in the church of today.

  • Amy Lutz

    I am so thankful for a Pastor that loves student ministries. It was a revolution and the chains have been broken. Watch out world…here they come… They will not be Quiet. (P.S. 7th grade girls… You Rock!)

  • you guys rock!! how awesome are all the things Jesus is doing there. miss you all!

  • Matt, my wife and I were the couple from Seacoast that spoke with you prior to the 11:15 service. We just wanted to say we enjoyed C3 immensley. We hope I get accepted into State’s PhD program so we could call C3 home. Hope to see you again in the near future. Keep rockin.

  • Cory

    Revolution was Awesome, thanks for being such a big part of it and for passing along the vision for the next generation!!! Middle School Rocks!!!!!

  • Dan

    It was an awesome weekend for the next generation! I think the 11 and 12 grade guys and girls won the scavenger hunt? Way to go!!!!!