At C3 we are blessed to have an amazing leader (who happens to be my husband) in Matt Fry.  He sees God in all decisions and is unafraid to follow after God, even if it means He follows alone.

Not only are we blessed in Matt’s leadership as our pastor but C3 s blessed to have many amazing men of God who pour into us.

We are part of a church planting organization called ARC (Association of Related Churches) that s full of amazing church leaders from across the country.

On a regular bass we we blessed to have great men and women of God speak into our personal lives the lives of our staff and the lives of C3 as a church body.

can’t wait to see all that God does n the leadership of C3 this year and who He will continue to send as we continue to follow after Hm.

As we start 2010  praise God for all the leaders He has brought to C3 and all those who are yet to come!

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