Lasting Changes

I hear the comment, “I feel great”  so many times from people doing the Daniel Fast. I know you don’t feel great the first few days, but when you press through and let your body detox from sodas, fried food, sugar, preservatives…you do feel great and have  a ton of energy. Some people even find that they sleep better.

So, my question to you is, ‘why go back?’ I’m not advocating living on the Daniel’s fast year-round because I do believe you need protein. But, why go back to exactly how things were? In other words, what have you started that you do want to keep in your daily life?

In Exodus, the children of Israel were headed to the Promise Land, a land flowing with milk and honey and tons of great food. However, for a season God provided manna and quail for them. They started griping and complaining about how they liked the food in Egypt so much better. Wouldn’t it have been better for the children of Israel to look forward and say, ‘guys, this is just a season and soon we will be in the Promise Land and we will be eating like kings.’ See, the children of Israel were focused on how life use to be, but I believe God wants us to focus on the future and what it can be.

Don’t go back to where your health and your weight were compromised. Make some changes in your lifestyle, and then when you feel great, look great and have great energy, you will know that you are living in the Promise Land and will be able to do all God has called you to.

Every Daniel’s fast our family has made some lasting changes. Now we only drink Almond Milk or Coconut Milk. Everybody in our family makes a smoothie just about every morning for breakfast. We only eat organic, all natural peanut butter. We snack on a lot of fruit and eat a lot more vegetables. I don’t serve meat at every meal, instead we do soups with beans and salads with lots of vegetables for lunch.We don’t drink sodas, and found that Whole Foods carries a drink called Zevia that we like. It is like soda, but it is made with stevia. And, instead of sugar, we use xylitol.

So, as you can see, our lifestyle has changed a lot over the years but the benefits are great! So, what are you going to keep doing? The choice is yours…go back to Egypt and live in bondage to an unhealthy lifestyle or keep heading toward the Promise Land. You will love it there!