Last Chance To Vote!


OK. Here’s the update on the BBQ survey…and it’s a tight race… Basically there are two main categories…East Carolina and The Rest of the World. All you BBQ lovers get your vote in. I will recognize the winning BBQ at a Weekend Celebration at C3.


    Vinegar Based …East Carolina BBQ…14

    Ketchup Based…Memphis/TX/KC……15

    Mustard Based…South Carolina………0

  • Holly fairfield

    I like the east Carolina barbeque with the vinegar sauce.

  • Mekenzie fairfield

    I like Stephenson’s barbeque with rolls and fried chicken.

  • Darby fairfield

    I like what Mekenzie likes (east Carolina barbeque) with green beans.

  • Cindy fairfield

    Eastern carolina barbeque is the best when Nate is cooking. Memphis style runs a very close second. Oh yeah … honey, that was Texas-beef-BRISKET. What are you going to do? LOL! 😉

  • Christy

    Hands down, it is …..
    East Carolina BB&Q !!!

  • sek

    eastern NC BBQ is the best

  • Carrie Lee

    I agree with another comment, wouldn’t it be awesome to have a barbeque cookoff? I think it would be a blast, and our family loves any opportunity to spend time in fellowship with our C3 family! Who would be the judges, though? It seems like everyone already has opinions about the best style!

  • Terrie

    My family votes for eastern BBQ-so much that even when family memebers come to visit from other states they want to go by Smithfield’s for the BBQ.

  • Kelly Jones

    Eastern BBQ is the very best!!!
    There is no other!

  • Tony Rogers

    I did not know there was another type of Bar-b-que other than Eastern. If it “ain’t” got vineagar baby then its just some type of road kill meat they are tryiong to pass of as bar-b-que.

  • Karen Motley

    Eastern BBQ … gotta have it!

  • Pete

    I’ve lived in the Mid West, Southwest, The Great Northwest, and now in N.C.. I definitely have to say that East Coast Barbecue is the best! No otros equal…

  • Ken

    Texas BBQ rules! Nothing else even comes close. I clean my coffee maker with Vinegar. God said pigs were unclean. The greatest sacrifice was of the “COW” family. Bring a fragrant offering of “Texas Beef BBQ” to the Lord.
    For the vote count, I have six in my fam.

  • Matt Thomas

    Eastern N.C. By far beats any other type of BBQ there is. I will be happy to squirt some Ketchup on our next trip to Smithfields for those of you who don’t agree.

  • Amanda Boyle

    Eastern Carolina all the way. (:
    And I would so love a barbeque cookout. That would be awesome.

  • stephen


  • Jordan Leino

    TEXAS BBQ Rules!!!!

  • Jordan Leino

    TEXAS BBQ Rules!!!!

  • jon ward

    I vote for the vineger base sauce.
    I smoked an awsome shoulder for the super bowl.

  • Matt Becker

    MEMPHIS BBQ all the way baby!!!

  • ————-

    Oh ya baby east Caroline BBQ
    I LOVE IT!!!

  • ————-

    Oh ya baby east Caroline BBQ
    I LOVE IT!!!

  • ————-

    Oh ya baby east Caroline BBQ
    I LOVE IT!!!

  • ————-

    Oh ya baby east Caroline BBQ
    I LOVE IT!!!

  • Wes

    I lived in NC all my life. I ate BBQ until I had my heart attack and the doctor told me to stay away from BBQ. But the Best is EAST CAROLINA BBQ. Enjoy BBQ while you can.

  • Carol Canady

    Is there anything else BUT Eastern Carolina BBQ. It my favorite by far.

  • Integritybloggers

    Eastern NC BBQ. Even an Englishman thinks this is the best, shame about the extra 40lbs that came along with it.

  • alex

    Pastor Matt,
    Have you ever lead your congragation in a fast?