Keep Reading!

Today we start week two of our 21 Day Challenge. This week we will be taking part in the Daniel Fast. I posted recipes a few days ago and you can check back this afternoon and I will have more!

Even though we finished the 7 days of reading Acts through 2 Corinthians, we want to encourage you to keep reading the next two weeks and spending time in God’s Word. If you would like to keep the challenge going, here is an extended reading plan!

Day 8: Galatians
Day 9: Ephesians
Day 10: Philippians
Day 11: Colossians
Day 12: 1 Thessalonians/2 Thessalonians
Day 13: 1 Timothy
Day 14: 2 Timothy
Day 15: Titus/Philemon
Day 16: Hebrews 1-6
Day 17: Hebrews 7-13
Day 18: James
Day 19: 1 Peter & 2 Peter
Day  20: 1 John
Day 21: 2 John, 3 John, Jude