Join Our Class Tomorrow!

In my world of heathy living, green smoothies, and supplements I’m always looking for better ways to be healthier. In the last couple of months I have discovered oils and the great health benefit they are. Did you know you can replace everything in your medicine cabinet with essential oils? DoTerra has an answer for the common, everyday ailments and many oils can be used for even more serious issues.

I am hosting a class with Janet Floars tomorrow, Sunday, March 30, at C3 Church at 6:00pm in the back of the worship center to teach you about essential oils and health. If you are interested in coming, come on! If you get a chance just reply on my blog that you’ll be coming.

Here’s to your health, Martha

  • Conie Lawrence

    Hi Martha,

    I am sorry I missed this class and yes these are really great essential oils.

    While we are all searching for a healthier and more holistic lifestyle I would love the opportunity to sit down with you sometime and share with you information and maybe even a demonstration on my Therapeutic Massage sessions.

    My company is named Body Harmony.
    Though I do not have a website, I am pretty well known around this area. I helped set up a five star spa in Raleigh and worked for several years with them and worked closely with many local athletes and celebrities.

    But more importantly, I love to help people and gain great satisfaction in my profession of over eight years.

    I attend C3 every week and love the energy it gives. I have brought many people there in the past 5 years and will continue to tell others to come as I truly feel the presence of God there everytime I attend. Thanks to you and Matt for giving of yourselves and genuinely spreading God’s message of love and salvation.