Today’s blogger is John
Siebeling from
The Life Church of Memphis. John and his wife Leslie are the
founding Pastors of The Life Church. They have a passion to teach the word of
God in a relevant way, transcending cultural, racial and social barriers. I have the privilege to serve with John on the Leadership Team of the Association of Related Churches
. John
and Leslie are great friends to Martha and I and are a huge inspiration. Check
out what John has to say about the upcoming All Access Conference…

JOHN I am super fired up about this year's ARC Conference for so many reasons.
Can't wait to see Matt and Martha's new building and all that has happened at
C3 Church. I know they're going to host this year's conference with excellence,
class, style, etc. I'm sure we're going to celebrate UNC's win and eat some
BBQ. Which, by the way, LSU was the only team that gave Carolina a little game
at this year's Tourney. Anyway, I'm also fired up for two more key reasons.
First, the relationship aspect of the ARC is amazing. Each year's conference is
like a huge family re-union! In that way, it's really more than a conference.
It's a gathering of friends who have the same heart to make a difference in
their city and around the world. Second, the speaker line-up is always first-class.
Not sure where you could go to get more amazing pastors who are absolutely
killing it in their cities. I always come hungry, ready to learn, and I ALWAYS
leave with great thoughts. We're bringing most of our key team because it's
always such a rich environment. So, don't miss it. Just a few weeks away. See
you in Carolina!” – John Siebeling

There is still
time to register for the All Access Conference. Visit
for more details! 

  • Mac Lake

    Hey Matt, thanks for sharing the line up in your blog. I am excited about coming but reading about who will be there speaking really has me pumped. I am bringing a couple of our interns, looking forward to hanging with you guys for a couple of days.