It’s Time To Get In The Game!

This week I took my son to a Durham Bulls baseball game (AAA team for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays). We had a great time, although it was hot as blazes!… about 96 degrees, but with the humidity it felt like 196 degrees. After the Bulls got off to a 4-0 lead (and we got Wool E. Bull’s autograph) we bolted after just a few innings… and listened to the rest of the game driving home in my air-conditioned car.
(here’s a picture of my son getting an autograph from Wool E. Bull)

Aren’t we tempted to do the same thing in life?… we make a commitment, join the team, get involved in serving and then as soon as it gets a little hot… a little challenging… somebody hurts our feelings… we are tempted to throw in the towel.

This weekend at C3, we are going to kick off a brand new series called Get in The Game. We are going to spend several weekends focusing on our awesome God and how to get involved in what He’s doing… in our community and around the world!
If you are within driving distance, be sure and wear the colors of your favorite football team and be ready to worship and party… C3 style! Everyone will receive a cool gift and we will have more fun than should be legal.

  • Indy Colts

    The Colts are going to be the superbowl champs!
    Go Colts!

  • Ferrell Hardison

    I serve as Senior Pastor of Whitley Church near Goldsboro. Our singles ministry visited C3 on Saturday night (8-5). They loved it!! Your church is such an inspiration, not only to the people who attend C3, but many many others outside C3!! Our “Ministry Fair” starts on August 20, so please pray for us. The singles brought back a lot of info from your “Get In The Game” strategy. We love you guys and we have your church on our prayer list. Oh yeah…go with the Harley…she’ll understand.

  • In keeping with the Theme…., Get in the Game, I thought you would enjoy a Top 10 Selection…. Evangelism Linebacker – NO EXCUSES.
    From Sermonspice.
    BIC, (Brother in Christ)
    Mark Teachey

  • Barri Kreiner

    I hear it is your Birthday on Sept 9. Happy Birthday.