This week I was remembering back to how I felt when our first child was born…that first week after bringing her home I had this moment where I realized that she wasn’t just a baby to dress up and take care of. We were going to raise her and one day she would have to make the decision on her own to follow Christ! I got overwhelmed at the thought of what if she doesn’t make that choice…we will be separated forever and found myself in a puddle of tears! When I explained to Matt what I was feeling he was great to calm me down and remind me that it was going to be a process and we had time to walk our kids through this decision! 

I am so happy to say that while they were still young, all of our kids accepted Christ and are living for Him!

For this Throwback Thursday, here are a few pictures of their baptisms!


Matt baptizing Gloria


Matt baptizing Caroline


Matt baptizing Caleb


Let me ask you…what is something that you’ve either been believing God to do in your kids’ lives or you are still praying for God to do?

  • Jolene Pittman

    Martha, my daughter has accepted Christ back in 2011, I believe. She has a good heart; she is in a rough patch right now almost being nine. She has a lot of peer pressure. And she wants to be popular and says she is. I keep telling her it is
    not for her to be like everybody else. We are different and supposed to live differently than the world. She majorly got in trouble yesterday, and we have decided to better discipline her; give her rules and to be more consistent in our discipline.
    Please continue to pray for Joellen as I do that she will be obedient, not rebellious, to respect herself and others, and to live a live for God. It has been hard parenting. But, I have decided it is better for her to get disciplined now before it is too late. I have asked the LORD for help and for forgiveness for not disciplining her a lot earlier in life. I have been using the book Parenting with Scripture, and I will contine to do say. Thanks for all your wise advice and prayers.