We have arrived in Israel.  Matt and I, our kids, 5 third year interns, two of our executive ministers, Lee and Nate, and Angie Bittle, and a couple from our church have all taken a pilgrimage to Israel.  I didn’t realize we were taking a pilgrimage but that is what people call it and I like it.

We have already been here for a few days so I am going to start to send blogs and pictures about our pilgrimage.

What’s crazy is Israel is never a place I had wanted to visit.  But Matt came a year ago and when he got home he said I want to take you and the kids to Israel.  I was excited to come but still felt like I could take it or leave it.   Well, this is all I can say about it now, if Jesus doesn’t come back before I can go again, I will be back.  I love this place.  It has been a physical trip, walking to some amazing places.  It has been a mental trip, learning so much and being challenged in what I know.  But most of all it has been a spiritual trip, I can’t explain it, it just has.

So keep checking back for pictures and blogs on my trip to Israel!