St. Thomas Mount (where he is believed to have been martyred)

We arrived in India yesterday around noon.  It is very hot!!!  Good news is it’s been raining so it’s not as hot and the smells are not very strong.   It’s always a joy when you get out of the airport and your host is waiting there to greet you.  Pastor Benedict from the church was there waiting for us.    He is young, late 20’s, only been saved about 6 years, and  is now on staff at New Life Church in Chennai.  He was in corporate before that, so he is helping the church reach young professionals.

Slums of India

As we drive to the hotel you see the affects of the “caste” system that India lives in. In the caste system, there is no hope and there is not a chance for improvement until your next life.  So if you are poor, you accept your poverty and never try to improve.   Hindu religion worships cows, so there are cows everywhere just roaming the streets.  The saddest and hardest thing to accept is children begging on the streets – knowing they are probably working for their parents or somebody else and their lives will not improve if you give them money.  You cannot adopt Indian Children, or we probably would have a larger family!  The Hindu Religion and government would rather have their children die in the streets Hindu than to go to a Christian nation.

BUT the church brings the hope of Jesus.  In the church there is no caste system.  All men and women are equal.  The church brings HOPE!!!  Hope that doesn’t include a bunch rules and traditions to live by, whic is opposite of the Hindu religion that has so many rules and so many cruel traditions.  The Word of God teaches that God has a plan for our lives and it is not to harm us, but to give us a hope and a future.  That is what India needs – Hope for a better future, in this life.

Teaching an Equip Session to leaders

So that is why we come to train leaders.  Men and women who already understand the culture and can reach their community for Christ more effictively than I could.  We can come and train  them be better leaders, give them the material for free, and then they go back to their villages or churches and train 25 more leaders.  So, C3 church, when you give your tithe and offerings one of the many things it goes towards is buying material for leaders in India so they can learn and be better leaders. It also sends us so we can come and train.  We will train around 800 leaders and then they go and train at least  25. That’s a lot of leaders! We are making a difference in  a country that needs the Hope of Jesus Christ!!

We are off to start our day while you are winding down, that is crazy! 🙂

Every time you think of us please pray for us!!

  • hannah

    wow i am so thankful that our church the church that i go to(and i am proud to say) is able to outreach to other countries…amazing!