India Village Recap Video

C3 Church in India While Martha and I were in India this last week we had the
privilege of dedicating a well and a new church for a village of over 10,000
people in South India (About a 2
hour drive from Hyderabad). The pastor of the church shared with me that it was
the first time an American Pastor has been in this village. As I preached the
dedication service to about 90-100 people there were 8 that prayed to receive
Christ as their personal Savior. Afterwards the local pastor shared that at
least one of them was Hindu and that was a huge commitment. I want to thank
Joyce Meyer Ministries, Asia, for partnering with us on this project. God is
using them to change the world in a big way.  My 15 year old daughter, Gloria, traveled with us on this trip
and took pictures and video. I want to thank her for putting this recap video
together! Check it out…


  • Amazing.
    Thank you, Gloria, for sharing this with us.
    Thank you, Pastor Matt and Martha, for continuing to provide real hope for real people in a real world, at home and across the world.