In The Beginning….

Well… here it goes. I’m entering the blogging world. I’ve been a little hesitant to start a blog because:
• I’ve never been very good at keeping a daily journal or diary.
• I’m a man of few words. (I like to read books with large print and lots of pictures)
• I enjoy spending time with my family, leading an awesome church… C3, and watching ESPN.

How can I fit in blogging?

Here are some reasons why I’m excited about starting a blog:
• I feel kind of cutting edge. I can tell people.. “Hey, have you checked out my blog?” and they’ll say, “Wow, you have a blog? You are so cool.” And that will make me feel good.
• It gives me an excuse to drink Starbucks. (Do I need an excuse?)
• I’m a man of few words. My blog will probably be filled with bullet points and a lot of pictures.
• Maybe in some small way I can be a part of making the world a better place and help others know about an awesome God.

So I guess it’s time to get this thing started.
Matt Fry

  • Lisa

    Welcome to the otherside of cyber space – Blogdom. It IS another way to reach out to others for His Glory.
    Pastor Fry, I’ve been blogging now for quite a few months. I do it mostly cuz I like to journal but I hate to actually write; I’d rather type. I also do it cuz it is my hope & prayer that what comes from my brain and is read by others, might actually do some good! Some days I’m deep. Others, I’m just silly.
    You can check out my Blog at
    One more item of note, I have been to C3 3 times now and I really enjoy your sermons. Thank you for all that you do! Have a safe & fulfilling trip to Austrailia too.
    Blessings & joy to you…
    Lisa 🙂

  • okay – this is just really cool. i’m so glad my favorite moby-lookin’ carolina hurricane-lovin’ hillsong-travellin’ shoulda-been-a-cajun-but-carolina’s-still-cool friend has assumed bloggoerhood. welcome!
    if your blog even does a fraction of a job of representing your coolness and your passion for the Kingdom, it’s gonna be awesome. it’s already shaping up to be just that.
    when y’all comin’ back for some more ruffino’s?

  • clay baggett

    Pretty cool!!!! Have a great time down under. Have some more great jokes when you get back like todays. HaHa It amazes me how God is working at C3 bringing all types of people together Blogging. See ya Pastor

  • Hello Pastor Matt!
    Praise God that you’ve got a blog now! I have attempted a blog a few times now…but, as life has been at times, the blogging is sporadic. It needs reviving! But, there are other things to do other than blogging…such as digital photography! 🙂
    Have a safe trip to Australia with Martha! Tell Christine and Nick I said hello. I still need to “mail” them a CD of the pictures I took when they were here in mid-May for “Chick Night” and everything else.
    Anyway, I’ll go now. Blessings to you!
    Gregory <><

  • John C Rajah

    Dear brother in Christ,
    It is wonderful to hear from you and about you here in India.We can learn a lot about you,your family and your church.We miss you.My wife Kalpana and I send our love to you,your wife Martha and your childern. Have a great and fruitful visit to Austrailia.When do we get to meet you?
    Pastor John C Rajah

  • Delea

    Hey! Well we hope that you two are having a fun time down under! lol well see you soon!

  • Sheri

    Hi, i really enjoy your church and im looking forward to becoming a memember my self!
    Tell Martha that she had an awesome message and i really enjoyed it!!