In the Middle

Last week we took our oldest to college and our 2nd daughter turned 17 and started her senior year of high school.   Caroline is our middle child,  she has a sister 15 months older than her and a brother that came along 2 and 1/2 years later.

I’ve heard such stories on how bad it can to be the middle child and how they can struggle with middle child syndrome:  Feeling left out or overlooked in a family.   We didn’t want Caroline growing up with those negative feelings.  If you know Caroline she loves life, loves people, loves God and is an awesome Godly girl.  (I didn’t say perfect, none of us are.)
So here are some things we have done to let her know she is not overlooked or left out.
  • We have reminded her God put her right where He wanted her in our family’s birth order.
  • She is not an accident, God had her planned all along.
  • God loves her very much and has a great plan for her life.
  • Matt and I take her by herself on a date. (we do that with each of our kids)
  • Hug her a lot.  (she likes hugs)
  • Tell her, “I love you” all the time.
  • Get to know her and her personality, love language, and temperament.
We love Caroline Grace Fry so much and our family would not be the same without her!
So no matter what birth order you fall in, God knew exactly what He was doing and where He placed you.   He loves you very much and has an amazing plan and future for your life.   So today thank God for where He placed you in your family.
Go live today to the fullest,
What birth order in your family do you fall?   I’m the oldest
  • Jill

    Loved this post! Love Sweet Caroline too! 🙂
    Thank you for the beautiful reminder that God planned for us to be right where He wanted 🙂 I’m the oldest too!

  • phyllis Fuller

    I’m a middle child also of 5 children. 1 older brother & sister and 1 younger brother & sister. Growing up there were certainly times I felt a little left out, but we did so much together as a family.

  • Loretta

    LOVE this Martha, thanks for sharing! Caroline is definitely a ray of sunshine! I’m the third (and last) born in my family, and for years I struggled with thinking I was unplanned, unwanted, an accident, etc. I LOVE what you say about God knowing exactly what he was doing when He places us in our families!