Last week I began a series of blog posts on how
we can impact our culture. This is information that I shared with the C3 Church
staff recently.  God has called all
of us as believers to be missionaries and to impact our culture where God has
us planted.

I shared in the last post that the first thing
we must do to impact our culture is to Identify the Culture. We need to
learn all that we can about where God has us planted and use that information
to reach those around us.

Here is the second principle if we desire to
impact our culture:


Once you have identified the culture you can
begin to understand it. This is when you begin to discover the “why” behind the
“what”. You begin to understand the reason behind why the culture is the way it
is.  For example in eastern North
Carolina some might ask Why do we put vinegar in our BBQ? Or why are our hot
dogs red? What is a pig pickin? What’s the history of this community? The way
you understand the culture is you ask a lot of questions and you do a lot of
listening. You can’t act like an expert or pretend like you know all of the
answers.  You’ve got to listen a lot so that you gain a better

A missionary is also aware of their
environment. It is really safe here in Johnston County but if you go to certain
areas in the world, your life is in danger. If you don't understand their
culture you may die. It's not only our responsibility to understand the culture
but to reach people with the gospel of Christ, which is our mission. These are
some things we have done from the very beginning of C3 and we must continue if
we want to fulfill God’s plan for this region. Everything rises and fall on the
leader and we need to keep our teams focused on what God has called us to do.
So remember these to better understand your culture:

Spend more time listening
than observing

Don't act like the expert

Do not criticize the culture 

If you want to impact a culture you have to
have a good understanding of it. That will give you the respect from those in
that community and allow their hearts to be open to what God wants to do in
their life.