Impact Rally #3: Finishing Strong!

The worship center at C3 was filled as we wrapped up the final Impact Rally with Pastor Bob Botsford from Horizon Christian Fellowship near San Diego, California. The theme was “Outward” and Pastor Bob did a fantastic job communicating how to make a difference on our world. If you missed it you can go to the C3 Leadership podcast and check it out.


So far 205 churches in the triangle area are partnering together for the Harvest Crusade with Greg Laurie. This has never happened before in the Raleigh area. Let’s be praying for God to do big things June 22-24!

  • Dan Goodson

    Pastor Matt,
    I cant wait to see what God does here in Raleigh!!!

  • Bryan

    The Harvest Crusade sounds great, Pastor Matt. I’m praying, for your group and others, that God does awesome things that weekend!

  • Duane

    That weekend will be a tremendous victory for Jesus. Lives are going to be changed forever and I can’t wait to be there in person to see it happen.

  • pipes

    That was a tremendous training with Ps Bob. I loved his delivery and way about him. Very genuine and caring. I thought he rocked the house. I’d love to see him back here as a guest speaker some weekend.

  • Wow! Am very encouraged in hearing what Harvest Crusade is doing for the Body of Christ! Raleigh will be on fire that weekend!