Impact Rally #2…AWESOME!!!

Last night’s Impact Rally was another great night. We are so blessed to be partnering with Pastor Greg Laurie and the Harvest Crusade. Last night Pastor Gary Galbraith from Revival Christian Fellowship did a fantastic job. I was out of town, but here are some of the comments I’ve heard already:

“WOW!!! Even better than I imagined it would be…slam dunk for the Kingdom!”

“AWESOME!!!! It was just amazing!!! Pastor Gary did an excellent job and it was just a great night!”

If you missed it you can go to the C3 Leadership podcast and check it out.

  • Jones

    Dynamic communicator, dynamic worship…God showed up in a big way last night! This is just the tip of the iceberg…can you imagine what June 22-24 is going to be like? I get more pumped about the Harvest Crusade every week!

  • It’s amazing how God can speak to me every time I enter the doors at C3. The speaker was awesome! The music was awesome to, but I was on the praise team, so that may sound a little bias. 🙂