Imagine Devotional Day Two

The Verse:

Matthew 13:35:  “By this all men know that you are My disciples, if you love one another.”

The Illustration:

A few years ago, at the Seattle Special Olympics, six contestants, all physically or mentally disabled, assembled at the starting line for the one hundred-meter run. There were 50,000 people in the stadium to watch them compete. The kids had prepared all year for this event and they all wanted to win

The starting gun went off and all six began to run. Although they couldn’t run very well, they were all giving it their very best. At about the 50-meter mark, one of the six runners stumbled and fell down, face first on the track. The little boy who fell began to cry.

The other five took a few more steps, but then heard the boy cry. They all slowed down and looked back at the fallen runner. The five turned around and went back–every one of them. One girl with Down’s Syndrome bent down and kissed him and said, “That will make it better.”

Then the six linked arms and walked to the finish line together–all of them crossing the finish line at the same moment. Each one received a gold medal.

The Application:

Say: “That true story is a perfect picture of how God cares for us and how He wants us to care for hurting people in His name. God wants us to help others up when they fall down, kiss their hurts and make them better, link arms with those who have fallen, and encourage each other to keep on, keeping on.”

Ask each family member to share something they can do this week to show God’s love to a hurting person.

The Quote:

“When somebody needs a helping hand, he doesn’t need it tomorrow or the next day. He needs it now, and that’s exactly when you should offer to help. Good deeds, if they are really good, happen sooner rather than later.”  – Marie T. Freeman

The Prayer:

“Father, please help each of us care about hurting people the way you do and show we care by the way we live our lives.”