Imagine Devotional Day Four

The Verse:

Acts 3:6:  “Then Peter said, ‘Silver or gold I do not have, but what I have I give to you.”

The Illustration:

Edward Kimball was concerned about one of his young Sunday school students who worked at a shoe store in town. One day Kimball visited him at the store and found the student in the back stocking shoes. Mr. Kimball led the boy to Christ then and there. Dwight L. Moody was the boy’s name and he eventually became one of the greatest preachers and evangelists of all times.

Moody, whose international speaking took him to the British Isles, preached in a little chapel pastored by a young man with the imposing name of Frederic Brotherton Meyer. In his sermon Moody told an emotionally charged story about a Sunday school teacher he had known in Chicago who personally went to every student in his class and led every one of them to Christ.

That message changed Pastor Meyer’s entire ministry, inspiring him to become an evangelist like Moody. Over the years Meyer came to America several times to preach. Once in Northfield, Massachusetts, a confused young preacher sitting in the back row heard Meyer say, “If you are not willing to give up everything for Christ, are you willing to be made willing?” That remark led J. Wilbur Chapman to respond to the call of God on his life.

Chapman went on to become one of the most effective evangelists of his time. A volunteer by the name of Billy Sunday helped set up his crusades and learned how to preach by watching Chapman.  Sunday eventually took over Chapman’s ministry, becoming one of the most dynamic evangelists of the 20th century. In the great arenas of the nation, Billy Sunday’s preaching turned thousands of people to Christ.

Inspired by a 1924 Billy Sunday crusade in Charlotte, North Carolina, a committee of Christians there dedicated themselves to reaching that city for Christ. The committee invited the evangelist Mordecai Ham to hold a series of evangelistic meetings in 1932. A lanky 16-year-old sat in the huge crowd on evening, spellbound by the message of the white-haired preacher, who seemed to be shouting and waving his finger at him. Night after night the teenager attended and finally went forward to give his life to Christ.

The teenager’s name was Billy Graham–the man who has communicated the gospel of Jesus Christ to more people than any other man in history.

The Application:

Say: “Remember the man named Kimball?  He wasn’t rich or famous. He wasn’t a preacher or an evangelist or a missionary. He was simply an ordinary man who cared enough about a boy to take the time to share Jesus with him. By sharing what he had to give with others, Mr. Kimball helped change the world. Millions of people have had their lives affected over the years, and millions more will continue to be touched by the Gospel because of Edward Kimball. God wants us to share what we have and make a difference in our world, too.

Ask your family to think of just one thing they can do to make a difference in their world.

The Quote:

“I’m thankful for a church that remembers that we exist primarily for those who aren’t here yet.”  – Bob Record

The Prayer:

“Father, help us love lost people the way You do and please show us practical ways to demonstrate that love every day.”