Imagine Devotional Day Five

The Verse: 

Colossians 3:23-24:  “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward.  It is the Lord Christ you are serving.”


The Illustration:

Little River Community Church was located just down the street from First Memorial Church.  Since they were located on the same street in the same town, the two youth groups from the two churches were often competing with each other.

They participated in the same softball league, the same basketball league, and had become intense rivals.  Little River Community was always trying to outdo First Memorial and vice versa.

One Sunday, following a Bible study on serving others, the youth group at Little River Community Church fanned out into the neighborhood and started serving.  One group washed cars for people up and down the street. Another group pumped gas for free at a self-service gas station.  Another group went to a convalescent home and sang songs to the shut-ins who lived there.

After the time was up, all the ministry teams returned to the church and reported what they learned and how it made them feel. One of the groups told of how they had gone to serve an older woman who lived close to First Memorial Church.

“We mowed her grass, raked leaves, and did yard work for her,” said one of the students. “She was real nice. After we were through, she invited us in and prayed for us. Then she said, “You young people from First Memorial Church are always doing such nice things for us old folks.”

“Oh no!” said the youth pastor. “She thought you were from First Memorial?  Well, I hope you set her straight. Did you tell her that you weren’t from First Memorial but from Little River Community?”

“Well, no, we didn’t,” said the student, surprised by the youth pastor’s question.  “You told us to do what Jesus would do, didn’t you? We decided that Jesus wouldn’t care who got the credit.”

The Application:

 Say: “If we are going to share with others and serve them the way Jesus would, then we can’t be concerned about who gets the credit. Everything we give and everything we do should be as if we are giving it to, and doing it for, the Lord. He, and He alone, is deserving of any praise. Our goal should not be to call attention to ourselves, but to turn people’s attention to God.”

Ask your family members if they can think of a time when they shared something of theirs (time, money, possessions, food, etc.) with someone who needed help, and no one else knew but God.

The Quote:

 “Nothing is really ours until we share it.”  – C. S. Lewis

The Prayer:

Father, please help us to remember every day that in all we do, we are to do to honor and bless You; Then help us to bless others in Your name.”