Imagine Celebration Weekend!

As you know, here at C3, we are all about seeing lives changed. I lead a Connect Group called Reality Revelaed that helps women overcome childhood abuse. I lead this for the purpose of seeing ladies’ lives changed and not living in bondage to their past. The greatest joy I get in leading this group is seeing ladies’ lives transformed. Not everyone wants to change, which is hard to watch. But, when you find someone who is ready to trust God and live out His plan and purpose for their life, it is the most important thing!

This weekend at C3 we are going to be celebrating life change.  We are celebrating the lives that have been changed and believing for future life change for people who have yet to come to C3. As we all bring our first fruits offering for Imagine, it is so we can advance God’s Kingdom and continue to help rescue hurting people.

This past weekend we got to hear multiple live testimonies and it is always so encouraging to hear people’s stories. Take some time and take a look at this video of last week’s testimonies.

Commitment Weekend 2012 : Pastor Matt Fry from C3 Church on Vimeo.