I’m Ready

(This entry was written by Sheila Cowell, another of our awesome C3 ladies, on “Fasting”)

For the fast….well, no…but to see God do some miraculous things in the life of my family at home and my family at church – absolutely!

To be honest, the thought of doing a fast makes my stomach turn – literally. I’m not much of a cook and the recipes for a fast such as the Daniel’s Fast seem to be long and filled with ingredients I’m not even sure where to purchase.

But like most things in this journey I get to walk with God, getting to see Him do great things often times takes me right out of my comfort zone and right to His feet, where my full dependence on Him is required.

This fast is no different for me.

After reading Jentezen Franklin’s book Fasting, I’ve discovered what the Bible says about how necessary fasting is for me to see the same kind of power displayed in my life as was displayed in the lives of some of my heroes like Moses, Joseph and Daniel.

And I want God’s power to be displayed in my life.

I long for clarity.

I long for financial prosperity.

I long for my kids to be set free from strongholds.

I long for my marriage to be taken to yet another level.

I long to feel the breath of God on my face.

I long for nothing – not even hunger – to distract me from the instructions God is waiting to give me.

I know that God is good. And that He’s waiting on me to let fasting clear out some cobwebs in my spirit, so that I can see Him more clearly.

And although there is still some anxiety looming over the execution of such a fast, I have equipped myself with the best resources possible and will leave the rest to God.

I can’t wait!


Sheila Cowell has been married to her husband, Keith, for almost 10 years and spends her days hanging out with her three kids, Kaitlyn (6), Dylan (5) and Samantha Joy (3). She and her family have been a part of the C3 family since March 2002. You can check out her blog at http://sheilacowell.wordpress.com/.

  • Sheila,
    I love the comment “cobwebs in my spirit”. After this past weekend of overhauling our house I totally understand the cobwebs and I too feel that my spirit is in need of a airing out, cleaning, refreshing. I’m apprehensive about the fast as well, but it’s so nice to know that I’m not alone in that. I am looking forward to seeing what God is going to do in all of our lives. Thank you for sharing!