• Erin

    LOL…I love it! Way to pitch in, Pastor Matt…whatever it takes!! 🙂

  • karen

    What a man! Go Pastor!

  • Lynn Thomas

    Too funny! Ronnie is on Spring Break starting tomorrow. We are going to “spring clean” the house while he is off. Guess I know now to be real specific. ha-ha

  • Krystal

    Hey!! I had a great idea! Maybe if you get Pastor Matt an apron to clean in, he will take it more seriously! I know I got Cory (Bolduc) one with his name on it and now, we could eat off the floor!! Haha… just kidding. But seriously, maybe we are on to something…

  • Caroline Fry

    Poor Daddy. Everyone is making fun of him because he is vacuming the couch instead of the floors.
    Caroline FRY

  • melissa alexander and shannon bolyard

    ok so are you at home?
    well we love that pic its very funny
    its like youre comfused or something Matt! wink wink
    we luv going 2 c3 it is so much fun and we can actually understand wat the ppl r talking about and its not just jibber jabber
    they r funny 2
    we like it when they tell jokes and past stories and when they do little skits