I Watched NASCAR for the First Time!

I first moved to NC in 1983 and I learned to love ACC Basketball and East Carolina BBQ, but it’s taken me a while to get into NASCAR… in fact I’ve never even watched a race… that all changed Sunday afternoon as I watched the Daytona 500. I have to admit, it was pretty exciting… I didn’t really have a clue who the drivers were, but when it came to the last few laps, I was pulling for the veteran Mark Martin. You’ve got to love a 48 year old that is still competing. Kevin Harvick beat him by the nose of the car as cars behind them were crashing like crazy.

As they say here in NC, “It don’t get no better than that!” So I guess I need to choose who my driver is going to be… All you NASCAR fans help me out… Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jeff Gordon, Tony Martin or… ?

  • Lee

    Tony Martin???? is that a new guy.. hahaha try maybe Tony Stewart or Mark Martin… maybeee its their love child.. None the less you should pull for Dale Jr. As long as it isn’t Jeff “The Rainbow Warrior”Gordon… WHAT guy has the nickname with Rainbow in it????

  • Ben and Nathan

    We’re from Ohio, and we know who Mark Martin is! Cheer for him. He’s even older than you.

  • Cathy

    I pull for Dale Jarrett for two reasons. One he is a great driver ad the second because he is a wonderful Christian witness to the other drivers and the sport. This is his final two years racing, and the Toyota isn’t as great as a Ford (yet). I also pull for Tony Stewart and Dale Jr. Tony because he has calmed down a lot (Jarrett helped) and he has a big heart and works alot for NASCAR charities. Jr. because well he’s Jr. Jeff Gordon whines way to much, and as Lee said about the rainbow thing, I agree.

  • Mary Williams

    You got to pull for Dale Earnhardt,Jr. #8…although I do say I would love to see Mark Martin win a championship before he retires.

  • traci carithers

    Well pastor matt i have been watching Nascar for a long time and i love it, i have been to a couple races and my favorite driver is Mark martin, personally i think you should pull for him!!! He is Awesome but i am sure you will get a fovorite if you continue to watch.

  • clay baggett

    Well, if his last name is not Earnhardt….. that should be all on that subject. First, red hotdogs and now nascar. What more could we ask for in our Pastor. Hahaha See ya God Bless

  • Thomas Johnson

    Dale Earnhardt Jr
    Go with him…….who can’t lose….

  • Wes

    Go with Dale Earnhardt jr……
    you can’t lose with him

  • Mike Kelly

    I wonder when Chris Pipes will watch a NASCAR race……

  • not a fan

    Is there a bald guy in Nascar? Go with him!

  • Mike O’Dowd

    OK Matt…here’s the deal. Tracey and I were in Daytona for the whole week of racing. We’re die hard fans. Whatever you do, don’t pull for Dale Jr., Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, or Jimmy Johnson. (Band-wagon picks) Mark Martin and Dale Jarrett are both vets and would be good sentimental type picks but I think you should just pick your favorite number (not 8, 24, 20, or 48) or your favorite sponsor and just go with that until you watch enough of it to have a favorite (Sorry there’s no Starbucks car yet)…I’m a Ford man!!!

  • Tracey O’Dowd

    Pastor Matt–
    Ditto on what Mike said. Pick a number and watch it go fast and turn left! Also, ditto on the red hot dogs and nascar… you’re well on your way to being a good ole’ boy! I also agree with Cathy– I’m a big Dale Jarrett fan and he would be great to pull for. Just curious… has the Nascar blog page gotten the most responses you’ve had yet? Go #44!

  • Charla

    I personally think you should read Joe Gibbs’ book about his life and see what an awesome Christian man he is. Tony Stewart is my husband’s pick from Joe Gibbs’ racing team, but we pull for all of them. I personally pull for Dale Jarrett because he is a good Christian man as others have said . . .

  • Jerry Stone

    Jerry Stone here, Jimmie Johnson, enough said!

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  • Kelly Jones

    Dale Earnhart, Jr.
    Hands down!!!