I Hit A Hole In One

Just kidding, but I did go golfing last week for the first time this year. In case you are wondering, I scored a 59! But that was on just nine holes. The best part is that I got a chance to spend time with Pastor Gary Galbraith from Revival Christian Fellowship in Southern California and some of the C3 Staff. By the way, Pastor Gary came about 9 inches from hitting a hole in one on a par 3. You d’man! I realized one thing, that if I’m going to golf much, I’ve got to take some lessons. It wore me out!

  • sounds like our golf skills line up pretty well.
    the way i see it, we get more golf for the buck than the rest of the golf world. think about it… they only get to swing their clubs what… 70 or 80 times on 18 holes.
    but you and i get to swing ’em twice as often. that means we’re golfing for half price.
    what a blessing!

  • Nathan

    Pastor Matt,
    My first time golfing, nine holes, I shot a 49 and got a birdie! Do you want to be my caddie?

  • Dan Goodson

    Pastor Matt,
    If nothing else your styling. Thats the biggest part of golfing, do you look good? The thing I have found out is most golfers shoot over hundred. We get our moneys worth.

  • pipes

    I didn’t think it was true, but I had to find out for myself! From one hack to the next…you da’ man!

  • Duane

    Dig the shorts Pastor. As long as you didn’t hit anyone, It’s all good. I have got to try that game out sometime.

  • Matt Williams

    So Matt, which should we be most concerned about, you becoming a pro golfer one day or a pro surfer?
    Keep having fun!