I Have Decided – Proverbs 2

Today’s post comes from Martha Fry, Creative Minister at C3.

I Have To Do My Part

Today’s Reading: Proverbs 2

As we continue the 31 Day Proverbs Challenge, my prayer is that God uses this time to not only give us wisdom but also a fresh encounter with God and His Word.

Today as we read Proverbs chapter 2, notice all of the verbs in the first five verses: listen, treasure, tune, concentrate, cry out, ask, search, seek.

Proverbs 2 has many promises of what God will do for us, but it starts out with telling us what our part is.

We are to listen to what God is saying. What or who do you listen to? How much TV do you watch? Do you realize what you watch on TV is speaking into your life. The music you listen to impacts your thinking. But how much time do we spend listening to God’s Word? Recently, I was talking to a very influential Christian leader who said she listens to 3 sermons a day. She challenged me to be in the Word of God through more reading and listening.

We are to treasure Gods commands. Do you treasure God’s commands knowing that what He tells you to do is out of love or do you dread the commands of God?

Tune your ears to wisdom. What are your ears tuned into? Do you listen to gossip and negative slanderous talk or do you tune into wise life-giving words?

Concentrate on understanding. What do you focus on? Do you try to get understanding? Do you try to understand God’s Word? We don’t need to just read the Word of God, we need to study it and understand what God is saying to us. We have to concentrate and focus on God and His ways, not the ways of the world.

Cry out for insight. What do you cry out for? Do you cry out to God to give you insight in your marriage?   Do you cry out for God to give you insight in your parenting? Do you cry out for God to give you insight in your finances? What are you crying out for?

Ask for understanding. What are you asking God for? This tells us to ask for understanding when we read God’s Word. I want to challenge us to ask for understanding and see what God begins to reveal to you.

Search for them as you would silver. Do you search for God’s commands as you would something that is valuable to you? Do you search God’s Word trying to see how He wants you to live or do you just live like the world and do your own thing?

Seek Gods commands like hidden treasures. Seek God and His ways. How does He want me to live?

God wants us to study His Word and then to live out what it says. So as you read through Proverbs, grab a journal and write down what God is telling you. For example, in verse 7, He wants us to be honest, to walk with integrity, and to be faithful to Him. And then evaluate yourself on: are you being honest, are you walking with integrity, are you being faithful to God. If you are not, you can begin to make changes in your life.

Don’t just read through Proverbs – listen, treasure, tune in, concentrate, cry out, ask, search, seek.

Prayer Focus: Father God, thank you for your Word that is alive and active in my life. Thank you that as I listen, treasure, tune in, concentrate, cry out, ask, search, seek You and Your Word, You will give me wisdom, You will speak to me, and You will change me. Thank you that you love me enough to communicate with me, help me not to take that for granted, but to spend time with You and Your Word. I love you! In Jesus Name, Amen.