I Have Decided – Proverbs 14

Today’s post comes from David All, Connect Group Coach at C3. 

Today’s Reading: Proverbs 14

Today’s Key Scripture: Proverbs 14:17,29 “Short-tempered people do foolish things”…”People with understanding control their anger; a hot temper shows great foolishness.”

A bad temper: While this is certainly not my preference for a topic to discuss from this chapter, it is what I feel led to cover since I have plenty of personal experience with it.

From my teenage years forward, I’ve had a longtime struggle with a “vibrant” temper (a nice way of saying volatile).  I’ll spare you the details of my worst episodes, but in each and every case I totally agree with the Bible calling it “foolishness.” Scripture is correct in calling it this way since losing our temper results in us acting without control or logical behavior. Many times, losing our temper also means losing control of our tongue, which in itself can be damaging long after our temper has subsided. Speak when you are angry and you can be sure that you’ll give the best speech you’ll ever regret.

An examination of Jesus’ character shows that his temper was only revealed in terms of a holy passion for the affairs of his House. There are multiple occasions when Jesus was interrupted in the midst of speaking, walking, or sleeping, yet nothing is recorded to indicate that he ever demonstrated a short temper over something that was a personal inconvenience.

So how can we be like him in this regard? Ps. Matt mentioned James 3:17 at the close of his message last weekend, and it is the perfect anecdote for those of us facing the challenge of controlling our tempers. James 3:17 says “But the wisdom from above is pure…peace-loving…gentle at all times.”

Prayer Focus: Heavenly Father, your Word is clear from James 3 that we need wisdom from heaven to be able to live with a pure and peaceful character. We ask you right now for that wisdom so that we can have hearts and lives that are aligned with your heart and your will. In Jesus’ name, Amen.