I Have Decided – Proverbs 1


Written by: Pastor Matt Fry

Today we begin a 31 day journey through the book of Proverbs. Each day we will be reading a chapter and a devotional. I can’t wait to see what God does in your life and our lives together as we study this book filled with wisdom for life.

Life is filled with making decisions. Some decisions are big and some decisions may be small. Research says that everyday we make approximately 35,000 decisions! We need God’s wisdom to know what to do and how to live.

Today’s Reading: Proverbs 1

Today’s Key Scripture: Proverbs 1:7 “Fear of the Lord is the foundation of true knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline.”

We can’t even begin to get wisdom until we fear the Lord. The word fear in Hebrew is “Yir-ah” which means to be in awe of God and who He is. It means that when we are in awe of God and His holiness we begin to see God working in everything around us.

What are you in awe of? Whatever you are in awe of is what you are going to magnify.

What are you magnifying? Are you magnifying how big your problems are or are you magnifying how big our God is? What you fear is what you will magnify and that will impact the decisions you make in life.

John Maxwell in his book Today Matters says, “Successful people make important decisions early in life and then manage those decisions the rest of their life.”

Let’s make a decision right now that we are going to be in awe of God and ask Him to open our eyes and ears to how He is working all around us. Together God can use us to change the world!

Prayer Focus: Heavenly Father, today I pray that I will seek your face daily as we begin this journey. Open my eyes to how you are working all around me and give me the boldness to step out and to serve others how you would serve. I worship you today because you are an awesome God and you hold all things together. In Jesus Name, Amen.