I got 8!

OK… So I can say that I am now an official hunter… Well at least I can say that I went hunting.  Before we went hunting I got to practice by shooting at some clay doves… And I didn’t hit any!  But then we did the real thing. My hunting partner was Billy Hornsby and I actually shot a quail.  Actually I killed about eight of them! One was from about 45 yards away according to our hunting guide.  Not sure I want to do it again but it was great fellowship with Billy Hornsby, Chris Hodges, Rick Bezet, Frank Hornsby (Billy’s older brother) and a few other pastors.  I want to thank Chris Hodges for being such a great host and putting the trip together.  Here are a few pics…

Chris Hodges (Church of the Highlands, Birmingham, AL), Billy Hornsby (Seacoast Church and ARC, Mt. Pleasant, SC), me, Rick Bezet (New Life Church, Little Rock, AR)

Me and my hunting dog Dixie… She was amazing!

Thanks for the prayers and wisdom!

  • Billy Hornsby

    Matt is a pro hunter! On at least two occasions Matt shot the quail before he got the shotgun to his shoulder. Amazing! He actually did get 8 birds and made some fantastic shots. He needs more practice though and you hunters out there need to line him up for more hunts like this one in the future. As a team he and I killed 30 birds which was the most that day. So keep it up Pastor Matt. Can’t think of anyone that I could have had more fun with. First it was Greg Surratt, now Matt Fry. Who’s next?
    Billy Hornsby

  • It was great to have you in Birmingham. Let’s do it again soon!

  • ken

    You look like a hunter. Sounds like you performed like a hunter. 30 birds, you smell like a hunter. You (must be) are a “hunter” Glad you had fun and fellowship, enjoyed nature, and made an addition to accomplishements.
    What happend at Talledega????????? Shotguns can’t compete with 4 wheels turning 200MPH. dks

  • Dan

    So it sounds like we need to have a guys day out with the staff and show us your techniques!!!! Look as if you guys had a lot of fun.

  • Mike Coates

    Two things I want to know Pastor, is: Were the birds trained to fly right at you? And should the Parking Team start wearing green vests instead of orange? Mike

  • Nate Fairfield

    What’s up Pastor?!
    Good work and welcome to the brotherhood. Some of my best memories are centered around hunting and it sounds you like came away with some good ones from Alabama. Just like everything else in life … it is about relationships and building the ones that are centered on Jesus. Congratulations on your good shooting. Let us know a little earlier next time and we will get some practice in for shooting those clays. We all hunt (worship) it is just a question of what (who). May God bless and keep you …-nf

  • Julie Parrish

    When you talked about hunting this past Sunday, it really hit home. My dad passed away this past July 4th due to cancer and he loved to hunt. But, most of all, he loved to watch and listen to the dogs. I remember him telling his stories about just watching and listening. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • Thank you for posting those pics. I love seeing my pastor (Chris Hodges) camo and hunter’s orange!!!