I Go To Church On Mondays

Can I be honest with you? (Don't you love it when people say that?:)

Usually I don't feel very spiritual on a Monday after preaching multiple sermons on the weekend. Pastors understand that it's not just a physical weariness but an emotional and spiritual tiredness. Sometimes on Monday I don't have the energy or desire to read my Bible and pray. So on Mondays I go to church. I will listen to a podcast or watch on TV a message that I saved on DVR. There's something about going to church on Monday that helps me start the week strong. Here are a few that help me recharge my spiritual battery…

Brian Houston

Robert Morris

Dino Rizzo

Joyce Meyer

Steven Furtick

Jenetzen Franklin

Judah Smith

Joel Osteen

Jonathan Falwell


  • Matt…
    I can completely relate! As I am reading this, I am listening to Pete Wilson at Crosspoint Church and I have already listened to Rick Bezet from New Life Church this morning. I don’t think a lot of people understand that pastors need their recharge their spiritual batteries! Thanks for sharing this list of pastors that you listen to.

  • Dana

    Thanks for sharing Pastor Matt! I recently discovered how to plug my phone that has internet connection into my car stereo speakers to listen to audio from websites.
    Technology now allows us to have church anywhere! In a coffee shop, while waiting in line, and even in the car!
    God is Good ALL the time…All the time God is Good!

  • Joel Gates

    It is somehow comforting to know that everyone struggles with a spiritual weakness at one point or another. I’m glad it’s not just me.