I Double Dog Dare You!

This past Sunday I challenged our church (and all churches) to step up like never before. Not only has God done amazing things in the past 12 years but I believe the best is yet to come! God is calling pastors to rally the church and as Bishop TD Jakes says, "Get ready, get ready, get ready!"

So here are the double dog dares that I challenged our church yesterday. Click here if you would like to watch or listen to the message

  1. Begin to put God first place – This means first place in your marriage, your finances, your career and in everything that you do. When God is first place everything else will fall in line as it should be.
  2. Begin to invite and bring your friends & family to church – I want to challenge you, as we begin our new series next weekend on James called "Five Star" to invite and bring at least five friends or family members with you to church. Take them out to eat before or after service and make a party out of it.
  3. Begin serving others – If you are not plugged in and serving, I want to encourage you to take that next step. We believe at C3 that every member is a minister. That doesn't mean everyone will preach from the stage but it does mean that everyone has gifts and talents that can be used in the Body of Christ. There are lots of opportunities to serve at C3 so I want to challenge you to start now.
  4. Begin owning the vision – When you own something, as opposed to renting it, you care about what happens to it. I love it when I hear people say that C3 is "my church" instead of "your church or "their church." That shows ownership. God is looking for a church full of owners.

So are you gonna take the double dog dares? I'd love to hear all God does!


  • Jill

    Pastor Matt,
    Cannot wait to hear what all God is going to do in our Church Family!
    Looking forward to the new teaching series too! Love the book of James 🙂 “Five Star” is going to be full of awesomeness! Already have 5 friends to invite!! Whoowhoo!!

  • T.Jay

    James is one of my favorites, ready for the series !!

  • Chris

    I accept the double dog dare!