I Do…

Today is a special day as my assistant, Katie Buss, is marrying Lee Chatham.  

Katie is an amazing assistant – she serves me so I can do what God has called me to do.  She not only does what I ask her to do, but she thinks ahead and does things before I even ask her.  She has a heart for God and lives her life wholeheartedly for Him.

One of the many things I love about Katie is she let God write her love story.  She is 27 and just now getting married, however, she lived her life as a content single girl for God.  Waiting on God to bring her a godly man and just focusing on serving God while He put the pieces of her love life together.  

Lee is a man who has a heart for God.  He is 21 and has wisdom beyond his years and he has let God write his love story, and when God brought Katie into his life he treated her as the precious gift God had given him.

They were great friends before they started dating.  Most people didn't even know when the friendship turned to  courtship because they honored each other in how they treated each other.   They put boundaries in their lives so that even in dating their lives would honor Christ.   They never stopped doing ministry while they were dating.  Actually they got more involved in ministry as their relationship grew because God was at the center of their dating relationship.  They never got so focused on each other that they pushed God to the side.  

 I love that they can say to the students they serve, "follow me as I follow Christ."

Katie and Lee I am so proud of the both of you.  I love how you guys do ministry together and have a whatever it takes attitude.  Lee, I am so glad to have you become a part of mine and Matt's team. I love how you never have gotten frustrated at all that Katie does for me, but have jumped on board and served along with her.    I love the fact that we all not only work together, but we love to hang out together.  This is only the beginning – the best is yet to come!!!

I pray today is everything you have dreamed it would be, but more importantly I pray  your life is everything you dreamed it would be and exceedingly more………….

We Love you guys,
Matt and Martha

  • Jean Ohletking

    Lee & Katie are perfect examples of serving. These two served us (Children’s Cup) at #ARCconf so beautifully. True examples of Christ. Please give them happy wedding day hugs for us.