I Can’t Believe I Milked A Cow

The C3 staff went to Carolina Beach for our annual staff retreat. We had three powerful days of sharing, praying, chillin’ by the ocean, and getting ready for this next year. One of the highlights for our staff was going to Jungle Rapids one night and playing games… go carts, lazer tag, video games… and I milked a cow… I can’t believe I live in Johnston County, NC, and I had to go to the beach to milk a cow… and at Jungle Rapids they gave me 5 tickets to get a prize!
To get a more detailed report and pictures, check out Jeff Kapusta’s blog.

  • Thanks for letting us hang with you guys last week, it was a blast.

  • Dan

    Pastor Matt,
    Wow, did not no you had it in ya. I am impressed. The question is how much milk did you get?