How Much?

When it comes to our health some of us are in debt, like we are with our credit cards. We have eaten too much and now we have to cut back to try to lose weight so we can get in health.

I know what debt feels like. Early on in our marriage,  Matt and I found ourselves in financial debt and he came home and cut up our credit cards and said we are going to live on what we make. He also said we are going  to tithe 10%, save 10% and live on the rest. I was so scared because we hadn’t been living on what he made, that is why we were in debt! So how were we going to live?

Well, we got rid of all our wants and had to decide what was really a need and get our budget within our means. We actually had to live tighter than the 80% because we had to also pay off our debt. So we didn’t have a lot of luxuries for a few years because we had to get out of debt. But once we got out of debt we had extra money to start to add back some of the wants and luxuries within our means.

That is what being over weight is like. We have eaten too much food, over indulged ourselves, and now we have to lose weight or get out of debt.

For a season you are going to have to cut things out and be strict on your eating because you’ve “over spent”, but eventually you will be able to loosen up

You are going to have to manage portion control. So, how do you do that?

You can start by cutting all your servings in half. Just think what would happen if you ate half the food you are now. Not changing anything, just eating half.

When you go to a restaurant cut your hamburger and separate your fries in half and put the other half in a to go box. Then later on if you get hungry you can eat the rest instead of more food. Or throw away the other half of the hamburger and fries and snack on something else.

Eat on a smaller plate so you can only put half the amount on a plate.

Another thing to do is CHEW your food. No, I mean chew it until it is almost a liquid. Try it at least once and you will see how long it takes to chew our food and break it down. If you don’t chew it to break it down the acid in your stomach has to break it down and that can take a long time and it just sits there in your stomach until it is broken down.

If you eat slower, by chewing your food, you will get the full feeling before you over eat. It takes about 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain you are full. The faster we eat we over eat because we don’t get that full feeling and when we do we feel stuffed.

So to review:

1. Cut your food in half.
2. Chew your food, to almost a liquid state.

Try it for a week and let me know how it goes!

Live while you are still living, Martha 

  • Meredith

    I am sorry to reach out this way, but I am so desperate. My sister suffers from a condition called Psoriasis. It has recently spread all over her body and is not responsive to pharmaceutical treatment. I have watched her wonderful spirit disappear. She is so self-conscious and depressed. She was such a light in our community as a fourth grade teacher and serving at church in the children’s ministry. The devil has silenced her voice with this disorder. She literally feels like a “leper.” I am reaching out to you because I have heard you mention in sermons that you experienced skin issues in the past (or at least I think you did) and you have successfully maintained a healthy, organic lifestyle. I am hoping you might blog advice for her and please pray for her. She has done so much research… medicine, nutrition, foods to avoid and include, but the research is so conflicting.
    Again, I am sorry to reach out to you this way. I don’t know if you will even see this. I have never responded to a blog, ever. But desperate times call for bold actions. I would lower her mat from C3s ceiling to have any chance of taking this pain from her. Thanks for any advice!! Meredith