How Long Do the Headaches and Aches Last?

I had a friend ask me that question today.  “…how long do the headaches last. What are some other common side effects?  I have a killer headache, my husband actually feels achy and sick.  At what point do you start feeling better? :)”
The headaches and aches come from your body detoxing.  It will last about 3 days and on day 4 you will feel great and have so much energy, but you have to push through the yucky feelings.  If you drink a lot of water it helps and so does rest.  Lay down, go to bed early and rest.   For the first 3 or 4 days I try to drink a gallon of water.
Let me encourage you to not give up.   God wants to do something awesome in your life, but you know its not going to be easy so don’t give up.   Press into God, lean on him and He will do some amazing things.  Remember the Bible says you can only know some things through prayer and fasting.
I’m cheering you on,