Healthy Milkshake

How would you like to have a healthy milk shake? 

This recipe is a great for breakfast or as a delicious post-exercise meal or a great snack any time of day.   Yum!!!


Banana Nutella Fat-burning Milkshake


• 2 scoops Vanilla Cream Rave Protein (See below for proteins to use)

• 1 cup unsweetened almond milk

• ½ cup of plain yogurt

• 1 tbsp Nutella

• 1 frozen banana

• ½ tsp pure vanilla extract

• stevia (to taste)

• 5 ice cubes



Put all ingredients in a blender and enjoy!

I use protein from Essante Organics,, because it is 100% certified Toxic Free, Organic & Eco Cert ingredients.

HOWEVER, there are a lot of good proteins out there.   Just make sure they are organic and toxic free.    You also want to make sure it has no artificial sweeteners.


(Note: I am a distributor for Essante Organics & receive a blessing when products are purchased from the website link above)

  • JJ (janina johannes)

    Looks and sounds delicious!