Having The Talk

I had the privilege of taking my son on a Father/Son get
away to the mountains this week. 
This is something that we have done with all of our children as they
prepare for adolescents. I have to be honest and share that I was nervous and anxious
about having “the talk” with my boy. 
But can I tell you it was one of the best things I’ve ever done. Even
though it was awkward at times we laughed a lot and talked about issues that
most teenagers learn first from their friends or media.  Our curriculum was Passport to Purity
by Dennis Rainey and it includes an entire kit complete with 5 cd sessions,
parent guide, student guide, projects for each session and even songs to help
them remember their memory verses. 
As we were driving home I was reflecting on why this was such a special
and powerful experience:

  1. Taking
    your child away for one on one time provides a time for them to get your
    undivided attention away from distractions.
  2. Discussing
    real life transitions away from home provides an openness that may be more
    difficult to have at home.
  3. Sharing
    from my life and giving advice before they experience these changes
    provides a bonding with your child that is hard to explain.
  4. It’s
    fun! We laughed like crazy, we played hard, and we experienced God’s love
    and grace together.

I would encourage every parent of a pre teen to take their
child on an over night retreat and discuss their future as it relates to sex
and dating.  I want to thank Pastor
Randy Bezet from Bayside Community Church in Bradenton, FL for recommending this material and my
wife Martha for taking our girls on their one on one retreat and for her
encouragement.  If you want more
information about Passport to Purity or would like to order it from the C3
Source bookstore you can email café@c3church.com
or call 919-934-3551. You won’t regret it!


  • Nate

    Not knowing what to do as a dad and husband is tough to handle. Posts like this give us the Godly advice & direction we need. Thanks for sharing this with us – this is real hope … the real deal.