Harvest Crusade Recap

What a powerful weekend we had at the RBC Center. It’s hard to describe in words all that God did. There were well over 40,000 people that gathered together over the 3 nights… 2471 indicated that they had made a decision for Jesus Christ. But numbers and statistics don’t tell the whole story of all that God did.
• I couldn’t help but get emotional as I saw hundreds of people flooding the floor to make a decision for Christ.
• It was amazing to see all of the C3 church family all over the RBC Center serving as ushers, counselors and volunteering in different ways…
• It was an honor for me to be the M.C. for the Amplify 07, Saturday night service geared toward students. Largest crowd that I have spoken in front of… about 16,000 people. Someone asked me yesterday “If I got a vision of the future as I was speaking?” All I can say is that it went by so fast, it was a blur… but it was loud and fun. If you missed the service you can watch the video by going here.
• Many of you brought friends who don’t know Christ and 111 of them prayed to receive Christ!
Pastor Greg Laurie did a fantastic job communicating God’s Word in a relevant and humorous way. I got a chance to spend some time with him and I can tell you he is the “real deal”. It was also cool for me to hook up with Toby Mac before the Amplify 07 Sat. night. We went to school together at Liberty University and it was cool to reconnect.

(Me and Toby Mac before Amplify 07 Sat. night)

I believe Harvest will go down as a defining moment for the Triangle area as over 230 churches were involved and hundreds of other churches were represented. Now we have an opportunity to “Ride The Wave” of all that God has done and is doing. This is not the end… it’s just the beginning… Let’s keep riding the wave!

  • dan

    Pastor Matt,
    I agree with you it was a defining moment for this region. God is up to something big in the area.
    Oh by the way I am envious of the picture and opportunity to meet Toby Mac, LOL

  • Bruce

    That’s got to be extremely rewarding to see the C3 people involved and to learn about 111 new brothers and sisters who were invited by C3 people. Not to mention all the others who were invited but either didn’t respond yet or didn’t make it. It’s the fruit of God working in our lives, 8+ years of your teaching and being an example, and a lot of prayer.
    Thanks for taking the lead in this and inviting us all to be a part.

  • Lookin bad and buff there my friend.
    Yea God for all he is doing with you there in the big NC.
    Read your blog and pray for you weekly!