Happy Mother’s Day!

I was so blessed to have an awesome mom. My mom loved Jesus, she loved her family and she loved hurting people.

Mrs.Fry I can remember as a kid riding through poverty areas of Nashville visiting with hearing impaired people and inviting them to come to church. My mom learned sign language after some deaf people came to our church and sat through the entire sermon and couldn’t hear a word.  I pray I can live with as much passion for God and the lost as my mom did.

My mom was also a writer and wrote many poems. Here’s one of the poems in her book Life and Light in Poetry

When all the world is busy – And you don’t know where to turn,

There is one who cares and listens – Seems to always be concerned.

When the trials are too heavy – And your strength is running slim

One who understands, will smile – Bid you take your strength to “HIM”

You’ve thought of something funny – At least it is to you,

And no one else is laughing, There is one who’ll smile too.

There are times when your decisions – Are so heavy, it would seem,

That you look for one who really cares – To share, advise, redeem.

There are problems with no answers – There are questions left unfurled,

There are people who will make you – Feel alone in this old world.

But when everyone is busy – And concerned with one another,

There is one whose love is stronger – “Who’s that?” you ask. “It’s Mother.”

And now I am so blessed to have an amazing wife who is an awesome mom to our three kids. I thank God every day for a wife who is passionate for Jesus and to raise our children to become world changers for Jesus. I love you Martha!

On Mother’s Day at C3 it’s going to be a special day for all women.  We have a special gift for you and we want you to feel loved and blessed. Bring your mom to church tomorrow at 9:15 or 11:15am Sunday. And take some time to thank your mom and tell her that you love her!



  • Victoria jones

    I love this poem

  • Becky Gwartney

    Wish I had one more day with mom!!!!