Happy 8 Day!

Eight days from today is Friend Weekend!  This year we are doing things a little different and having a tailgate party each service.  It is going to be tons of fun with food, games, and fellowship! But the most exciting part of the weekend is that our campus will be full of first time guests, and they will all be your friends!

Come early, wear your favorite jersey, bring your outdoor games, food and friends!  We will also be providing hot dogs for you and your friends.

This week, continue to make phone calls, send emails, have conversations…get the word out about Friend Weekend!

Brian Regan is one of our favorite comedians, so I wanted to share this video ciip!  

Happy 8 Day!


  • Jerrie Barbato

    Hi Martha,I met u at the 1st Chicknite~I’m Pat&Reid Stephenson’s niece. I missed the last chicknite bc my daughters had the swine flu. I enjoyed the 1st Chicknite emmensely! God touched me&ministered to me in many different ways! Please send me an email to let me know when the next chicknite is. I’ve searched the site to see if the next chicknite was posted. Thanku for answering God’s call 2 minister, Ur an amazing woman! May God bless u!