Guess What I’m Doing Today?

Guess what I’m doing today?  You won’t believe it.  I am hunting for the first time in my life!  Billy Hornsby convinced me to go Quail hunting with him.  We will be hunting somewhere in Alabama with Pastor Chris Hodges from Church of the Highlands, Pastor Rick Bezet from New Life Church and a few other pastors.  They tell me I’m supposed to wear boots, an orange vest, orange hat and chaps.  Does anyone have any Chaps?  All I have is Old Spice.  I guess the birds are attracted to the scent.  A few interesting facts:

1.    I’ve never hunted in my life.
2.    The last time I shot a gun was in Boy Scouts shooting at a target.
3.    I’ve never shot a shotgun.
4.    I don’t like the color orange.
5.    I don’t think there is a Starbucks where we are hunting.

But I do know that if I’m with Billy Hornsby we will:
1.    Have Fun
2.    Eat real good.

All you hunters out there… Got any advice?

  • pipes

    Oh my…you are definitely a duck out of water! I’m not a hunter either, but I can tell you this…
    1. Aim high!
    2. Don’t point the gun at bald people
    3. Be careful where you step.
    And lastly…
    4. Have fun and bring home one!

  • Duane

    Wow! Sounds like a good time Pastor. You have got to get some pictures of this! I’m sure bright orange is going to be in style soon. 🙂 Be safe.

  • Pastor,
    I am so proud of you taking an interest in hunting! When you bag that trophy quail, give me a call and I’ll mount it for you to hang in your office.

  • Sharon and Jimmy Jackson

    Pastor Matt
    1. Chaps is NOT a scent.
    2. There ARE quail in NC
    3. Remember to lead the birds before you shoot….
    4. Have fun, be safe.
    Jimmy Jackson – deer hunter

  • Jonathan Crocker

    Welcome to the world of hunting! Now that you are a hunter its time to start looking the part 1st you need a truck 4×4 with a gun rack. And you need a dog hunter prefer a lab or a hound dog and you also need to practice saying GIT-R-DONE.