Greetings from Oklahoma!


where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain,
And the wavin’ wheat can sure smell sweet, When the wind comes right behind the rain……..

I am in Oklahoma – Locust Grove, OK to be exact.   About 45 minutes east of Tulsa (in case you are not familiar with where that is)

That means that I am about an hour and a half from the Pioneer Woman.  (I think I just might drive up to her ranch and go meet her.)

Or I could go about an hour and see the Duggers.  All 19 of them!

Speaking of Pioneer Woman, you need to check out my nieces blog. The Glamorous Life of a HouseWife. (She is also from Oklahoma)

Or I could go to Shawnee, Ok and visit my distant cousins and family members.  That’s right,  my roots are planted in Oklahoma!  My dad was born and raised in Oklahoma and moved to California when he was older elementary age.  I lived in Oklahoma when I was a young girl and my brother Thomas Wilbanks was born in Oklahoma.  I am a Midwesterner!

One thing I remember about Oklahoma, as a little girl, is  tornados.  I remember going to cellers and the basement of our church to find protection from tornados. Funny the things you remember!

We are here visiting Matt’s sister and husband, Curt and Becky Gwartney.  Wednesday night Matt is speaking at Guts Church, for Pastor Bill Scheer in Tulsa and then Friday he is speaking at Empowered 21 at ORU.

We know we belong to the land (yo-ho)
And the land we belong to is grand!
And when we say
Yeeow! Aye-yip-aye-yo-ee-ay!
We’re only sayin’
You’re doin’ fine, Oklahoma!
Oklahoma O.K.!

Bye for now!


  • Marcy Carrico

    I have family in Oklahoma City. My dad was born there and moved to California with his mom when he was young. We used to spend time in OKC. The last time I was there was for my grandma’s funeral. If you go meet the Duggar’s please take pics and tell Michelle I love her!!! Their books are right next to my bible 🙂

  • You coming home with pig tails, flannel shirt and a cowboy hat — errrrrr… cowgirl hat? 🙂

  • Melanie Tiner

    My mom and my daughter were born in Oklahoma and my grandparents were born and raised there. Its a great place! (But I like NC better). We miss you guys here! Have a great trip.

  • You are THAT close to PW and didn’t invite me???? I thought we were friends. LOL. I hope that you guys are having a wonderful time. First Wednesday was great but man we missed you guys. Have a blast, enjoy yourself, and if you stop by PW’s ranch take lots of pictures. (I’m trying not to be jealous, I promise).

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