Great Comeback Stories

This past Saturday night, after speaking at our 2 services, Martha and I took our good friend (and worship leader at Healing Place Church) Jason Ryder to the NC State vs. Boston College (#20) football game. I know it’s crazy and normally I wouldn’t do something like that (no comments) but I had a feeling it might be a good game. NC State was a huge underdog with a sophomore QB who had never started a college football game.
The Wolfpack played tough the whole game and as the crowd started leaving, with one minute left in the game, Daniel Evans (son of All American and former State QB Johnny Evans) led them to the winning drive. He threw an amazing pass in the end zone for his first college touchdown. Then after the game, Daniel led his team to the middle of the field for a time of prayer. It will go down as one of the greatest comebacks in Wolfpack history.

This weekend we will be talking about another comeback story as we continue our series Running With The Giants. We will be looking at the life of Esther and how she went from being an orphan to becoming the Queen. It’s going to be awesome. Remember we now have a new schedule… Sat. 5pm and 6:30pm and Sunday 9am and 11am.

Oh and the See You At The Pole Rally was amazing. The worship center was filled with hundreds of students going crazy for Jesus Sunday night. Jason Ryder and the Late Nite Band from Healing Place Church rocked the house! Here’s a few pics from the weekend…

  • Pipes

    It was awesome having Jason Ryder and the Late Nite Band at C3. What an amazing worship team! God has blessed them with such talent and their willingness to serve was incredible.
    What can I say about SYATP Rally? Tons of students worshiping God with all their heart and seeking His face! Great time!

  • Bolduc

    Hey, SYATP night was awesome!! All those students making a pledge to make a difference in thier schools, what a night, it’s time we made a comeback of our own and brought Jesus back into our schools where he belongs!!

  • M. Thomas

    I just want to say that we also knew of the prayer that went on after the game and it’s time for all of us as Christains as children of the king, Jesus Christ to take a stand for what this nation was built on.It’s going to take boldness like that football player praying on the feild or like the student that makes a choice between going with the crowd or having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and sharing it with others. I beleive it’s time for “come back” stories in todays time, it’s time to STAND UP and STAND OUT and to make a possitive difference.What would the world look like today had Jesus not taken the beating and torture on the cross,had he not taken a stand. It only takes one person! I am so excited to see how God is going to use me and Matt to STAND UP and STAND OUT for his kingdom.All you have to do is make yourself available to God and his will for your life and he will use you to further his kingdom.

  • Jennifer Downey

    SYATP rally was awesome, no doubt, what an inspiring, life changing night! Though I was thinking tonight at Fusion what was mentioned last week. Every week deserves as much effort as SYATP. Even though tonight reminded us why we need this new campus so bad, everyone in Epic, Fusion, and Impact teams stepped up and made them happen, and they happened with excellence. God was there and he worked out the details. Students lives were changed and that’s why we do what we do. There’s nothing better than to see a smile on a student’s face while we hang out with them at fellowship time. What a blast! What an awesome church we have and I love that each person who is involved IS the church. Thanks Pastor Matt and Marta for being such strong and amazing leaders. Thanks to Cory and Krystal, Chris and Jenny for their servant’s heart and passion for students. I am constantly blessed serving in ministry at C3!

  • Brittany

    Wow SYATP was Amazing there were so many students there it as just jammed packed. You knew God was working in the house when you just turned around and saw all the students worshiping or listening to Chris G. speaking it was just a powerful night and we will all always remember it.

  • Sarah

    Hey Pastor Matt! I think that your blog is so cool! WEll its 11:34 and I just went to the 9:00 service and I stayed for the 2 saturday services so I got a lot of your teaching. I thought it was very awesome! I really like the worship that goes on their and I think you should include it in the tapes you record. It really touches people. My friend Brittany and I even got a 1st time guest to get up there and just start jumping around. WEll I g2g but I’ll see you lata! Bye:)

  • Brittany G.

    hey pastor matt… i really like the new series.. i really liked the esther story because it showed that god put me in this disfunctional family (lol) for a reason and that everything that goes on is for a reason. i really enjoy the services every week and i enjoy serving in kids ministry at the 6:30. i really hope i can make an impact on a childs life and just help more people for the kingdom.
    thanks for all,
    Brittany G.