Great Thoughts For Pastors and Worship Leaders

Here are some notes from a Pastors Roundtable I'm attending today in New York City with Pastor Brian Houston from Hillsong Church:

Dynamics of a Worship Service:

  • Every service must point to Jesus
  • Goal is to build people up. I want people walking out feeling better about themselves
  • Contribute to spiritual growth- not just motivate
  • Goal is to make a big church feel small- we aren't a big church. We are a small church with a lot of people. We start on time. We finish on time. Allow for fellowship
  • Salvations. People to find Jesus
  • Worship God! Worship leaders need to worship.  
  • You get what you allow. Encourage people to stay till the end of service. Sometimes we allow sloppiness. We need it to be warm but have parameters
  • Be intuitive – read the service. You might have the front two rows worshiping but not the back. Don't just follow the run script. The script is a list of suggestions. Feel the service.