Grand Total


On Monday, a group of C3 volunteers delivered 2,141 supplies 

to an elementary school in the Clayton and North Raleigh area!  

The counselors at one of the schools asked how long it took to

 collect all of these supplies, and when our volunteers said ONE 

NIGHT she was blown away!  This outreach made a huge impact 

on both schools, and we believe we have just started to see the 

fruit of your generosity.

I thought it would be fun to share the breakdown of supplies 

with you, so here it is…

Supplies Collected






Antibacterial Wipes 26

Backpacks 32

Binders 33

Book Covers 33

Colored Pencils 50

Compasses  2

Copy Paper 61

Crayons  206

Dictionary  1

Erasers 35

Folders 234

Glue Sticks 156

Highlighters  22

Index Cards 13

Kleenex 66

Markers 65

Notebooks/Workbooks 15

Notebook Paper 136

Notebooks  322

Paints 2

Pencil Pouches 59

Pencils 288

Pens 101

Protractors 6

Rulers 108

Scissors  53

Sharpeners 15

WhiteOut 1

Each of these supplies represents a need that was met for a 

child in our area!  Thank you to everyone who came and gave 

to our community!

Proverbs 3: 27 " Do not withhold good from those who 

deserve it, when it is in your power to act."

Let's keep reaching out!


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